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Ура! Посмотрели ! Прямо трансляция была. Масса позитива. А вот уже фото на фб TED: https://www.facebook.com/159246810897274/photos/a.162849427203679.1073741828.159246810897274/523785454443406/?type=3&theater
Позже на сайте TED будет доступна запись.

Are all future houses will float on water?
Or we have a solution that will enable mankind to consume resources more wisely? From all of this what will be need for buildings in the next centuries? Alexander Remizov, architect and founder of an autonomous floating hotel, is on the stage of ‪#‎TEDxUoM2015‬

О мероприятии: http://tanja-shi-no.livejournal.com/408639.html   и https://www.facebook.com/remizovarchitect/posts/1644814709125863?pnref=story

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